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A New Way of Living


AUDIO: Where justice, evangelism, care for creation and holiness meet

What do the 2008 Food Crisis, species extinction, the decline of Christianity in the West, mental illness and your lunch all have in common? Answer: they are all part of the crisis in the way that we live. In this 35 minute talk, Jonathan Cornford explores the idea that the Biblical call to a new way of living is not just important for social justice, but is in fact necessary for a range or social, spiritual and ecological reasons. The 'good news' is in fact one integrated whole. This talk raises the scandalous question of whether we might not actually be being called to live with less! 

(Sermon at St. Alfred's Anglican Church, Blackburn VIC, 27 October 2013.)

VIDEO: A New Way of Living

In this 30 minute video, Jonathan Cornford discusses why we need to change the way we live and why our homes and backyards are central to God's work of healing in the world. He outlines how, from beginning to end, the Bible consistently calls for God's people to form a distinctive community which does not conform to the norm, but whose very way of life is to witness to the character of God.




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