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Economics in the Bible

From front to back, the Bible is a book that is fundamentally concerned with how we live in this world. In the Bible, there is no disconnection between our material lives and our spiritual lives. How we live in this world – especially our economic lives – is a central component of all the big Biblical themes, such as sin, salvation, the people of God, worship, mission, evangelism, justice and poverty. The good news that Jesus talked about cannot be fully good until we rediscover these parts of his message.


Economy in the Bible

  1. The ecological ethics of Genesis 1 & 2
  2. The manna economy
  3. The idea of Israel as an alternative economic community
  4. The economy of salvation
  5. Living in the kingdom of God
  6. The economics of the body of Christ
  7. Facing up to the crisis of the church
  8. The economics of renewal
  9. Evangelism, Politics, and the Ecological Crisis
  10. Violence and economics in the book of Revelation (1): The Beast
  11. Violence and economics in the book of Revelation (2): The Beauty
  12. Violence and economics in the book of Revelation (3): The Lamb and the Cross
  13. The Moral Ecology of Judgement (1)
  14. The Moral Ecology of Judgement (2)
  15. The Moral Ecology of Judgement (3)

Economic issues in biblical perspective

  1. The origins and meaning of capitalism
  2. Religion and the rise of capitalism
  3. Capitalism & poverty
  4. The end of poverty?
  5. The irreconcilability of capitalism & the gospel
  6. Christian witness in the midst of capitalism
  1. What is money?
  2. Money and the misuse of scripture
  3. Why did Jesus say 'Woe to the rich'?
  4. Money in the Kingdom of God
  5. A Christian approach to commerce


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