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Home Economics


It is now clear that the way we live is not sustainable, for the planet or ourselves. While we undoubtedly need rapid and decisive action from governments on issues like climate change, it is also clear that that is not enough.

What we need is a visible community of people whose everyday life of work, production, consumption and finances demonstrates that: (i) another more just, more compassionate and more sustainable way of living is practically possible; and (ii) it is actually a better way of living. Funnily enough, this was precisely God's intention for the nation of Israel and the Christian Church (see Economics in the Bible). And did you know that the word 'economics' comes from the Greek word oikonomia which simply means 'the affairs of the house'? So it all comes back to what happens in our homes – home economics.

Explore the Household Covenant as a tool for responsible living.

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