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The Household Covenant

The Household Covenant is an 'experiment in faith'. It is based upon the premise that one of the most urgent challenges for Western Christians today is to reject the destructiveness and soullessness of our consumer culture. In the words of the Apostle Paul, it is an attempt to 'conform no longer to the present pattern of the world' (Romans 12:2). This Covenant seeks to help those who live by it to live more responsibly, taking care for the impact that our lives have upon others, upon God's creation and upon our connection to God. In this way, it is really just one reminder of what it means to live well.

The seven-fold covenant focuses on household economics — from the realm of personal and family finances to day-to-day practices.   The Covenant invites you to think of at least one specific commitment you can make in each of these seven areas.  Its purpose is to help you take creative, realistic and appropriate "next steps" in your household. It doesn't matter where you are starting from – everyone can take a step. It is the direction that is important.  Nevertheless, this covenant will challenge you.

This covenant is adapted from the Seven-fold Sabbath Economics Covenant developed by Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries in the USA. 

The Household Covenant in a nutshell.

1. Write down at least one goal for a change your household will seek to make in each of the seven areas, over the next twelve months.

2. At the end of the twelve months re-visit your goals and see how you went.

3. Set new goals (or renew old ones) for the next twelve months.

Download the Household Covenant Goals Sheet.




Bible Study Resource

This resource will tell you all you need to know about how to follow the Household Covenant, and supplies 7 weeks of Bible study material. It also contains material for Lenten reflections, for those who want to use the Covenant as part their observance of Lent.


    PDF: free [Download PDF]







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