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Video and audio

MANNACAST: Manna Gum's Podcast series


Conversations about a vision of life that is truly good news for us, for our neighbours, and for the world. On the MannaCast we discuss the intersection of Christian faith, ecology, and economics.

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VIDEO: Kingdom Gardeners

Kingdom Gardeners – Faith, environment and mission (an event hosted by A Rocha and Interserve Australia, June 2019)

Jonathan spoke to the topic of Faith, Environment and Mission exploring how we have often made the Gospel too narrow and how the good news of Jesus impacts all our life.

VIDEO: The Gospel in a Consumer Culture

Jonathan Cornford, ‘Faith-Thinking’ Public Lecture, 14 August 2019, Whitley College, beginning with Rev Simon Holt launching Coming Home: Discipleship, Ecology and Everyday Economics.

Humanity in the 21st century faces enormous challenges. Australian Christianity in the 21st century is also facing enormous challenges. It will be argued that both of these challenges are linked to a crisis of the dominant mode of living in the West: consumer culture. This lecture will consider the tasks of Christian witness in Australia if it is to take these twin challenges seriously. How might ecological responsibility and economic justice be linked to the health of faith and the content of witness? And what might this actually look like?


AUDIO: Living Faithfully in the Twenty-First Century

Two talks by Jonathan Cornford at the TEAR NSW Conference, Coming Back to Earth: Living Faithfully in the Twenty-First Century, July 2017.

 TALK 1: Facing the Bad News
 TALK 2: Inhabiting the Good News


AUDIO: Where evangelism, justice, creation care and holiness intersect

A sermon by Jonathan Cornford at St Alfred's Anglican Church, Blackburn, Melbourne, October 2013.


VIDEO: A New Way of Living

In this 30 minute video, Jonathan Cornford discusses why we need to change the way we live and why our homes and backyards are central to God's work of healing in the world. He outlines how, from beginning to end, the Bible consistently calls for God's people to form a distinctive community which does not conform to the norm, but whose very way of life is to witness to the character of God.




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